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The Spanish-Italian singer-songwriter was born in Bern, Switzerland, and began his music career in the Gospel choir ‘Amazing Grace’ in Lugano. He attended New Gospel seminars in Chicago, USA and the celebrated Sanremo Academy. In 2016 he released "Niente è Impossible", an album containing 7 tracks which were all written by the artist himself. In 2020 he met Marco Zangirolami, a trendsetting  producer on the Italian music scene. Together they decided to produce an international album together with Peggy Johnson, who wrote the English versions, and Mila Ortiz for the Spanish. The first single that came out of this collaboration was 'OVER', released in May 2020 right in the middle of the global pandemic. The video for ‘OVER’ was shot entirely in New York City, USA and was launched on all world music platforms and on YouTube with a FULL REMIX, along with other versions that were launched later in 2021. The Spanish version "Siempre" opened the doors into the Latin American market.

In 2022 the English language single "LET ME BE" reached 91 countries including Australia. Shortly afterwards, "LIBRAME" was released, the Spanish version that has travelled around the world and which has been particularly popular in Spain, the artist's country of origin, as well as being successful in Latin America, Venezuela, Mexico and the USA.  


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