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The spanish version out from May 2022


"Let Me Be", the new single by Fabio Gómez, the Italian-Spanish singer-songwriter who recently launched his song “Over” throughout the world, with various remixes and a Spanish version entitled "Siempre". Altogether, he has had 2 million views on Youtube and media tours speaking to Latin American and Spanish audiences. The concept of the new single "LET ME BE" talks about the modern "Stendhal Syndrome": sometimes we live our lives influenced, even hypnotized by sentimental situations that deny us the freedom to live our love as we want to, so we end up building parallel realities, falling into relationships and toxic situations where can’t fully be ourselves.


"Now it’s time to leave, to make radical choices, it’s time for change".  

This is the true experience of freedom: having the most important thing in the world without owning it.   



The Italian-Spanish singer-songwriter was born in Bern, Switzerland, and began his musical career in the Amazing Grace Gospel choir in Lugano. He attended New Gospel seminars in Chicago, US and took part in the prestigious Sanremo Academy