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Fabio Gómez - Siempre (Official Video)

Fabio Gómez - Over (Monte Carlo Mix) feat. Mauro Brunini & dj a.d.r.i.a. (Official Video)

Official Video - Fabio Gomez OVER REMIXES the "Rainbow EXTENDED" version for DJs is available on all web stores together with RADIO EDIT

This Song is a motivational anthem to rebirth: The world is going through very dark times, we all feel a little broken, without hope, like life is slipping away from us. But if we just believe, just hold on and keep hoping, we will come through the tunnel into the light, into the bright side, full of hope, love, optimism. Thanks to love (for other people, for humanity). The nightmare we are experiencing prevents us from appreciating these days, which can be so perfect and precious, we risk losing our trust and living in fear. But if we can break these chains that are holding us back, then we'll be able to fly and live a beautiful new life.

The song "NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE" reflects very much the life of Fabio, who has always lived between different cultures and different lifestyles, thus managing to broaden his cultural background.  The passage carries with it a very clear message: you have to struggle with your nails and teeth to get what you want and want more from life.  In fact, nothing is impossible if you only really want to.

The song "BACK TO YOU" has as its undisputed protagonists the courage and determination in achieving its goals, despite the obstacles that can be encountered.

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